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In 1982, under the patronage of St. Martin DePorres, several sisters began collecting and distributing food, clothing, and other necessities to the poor of the area; it was the beginning of St. Martin’s Barn.

In 1993, St. Martin’s House was opened as a transitional residence for homeless women and children; the Berg Center and Hildegarde Wing were added spaces for private and group retreats.

After 125 years on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the Sisters sold the school, the monastery and the outlying buildings to the Benedictine Foundation in 2013. 

After a few years of planning and praying, in November, 2018, the Ridgely Benedictine Sisters refounded their monastery, and are now situated next to Holy Family Parish in Newark, DE.    The sisters will continue their primary ministries of communal prayer and hospitality.

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