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Do you feel like you are being called to a higher purpose? Do you have a deep relationship with God and want to cultivate it?

If you do, we might be the perfect fit!  Come by our monastery; make an appointment to visit and witness our ministry and simple lifestyle.


Based on St. Benedict of Nursia's writing called The Rule of St. Benedict, we live our lives according to his belief that prayer and work are complementary to one another and should always be of most importance. 


If you are interested in becoming a Benedicine Nun, please contact Sr. Catherine Higley at the Benedictine Monastery in Ridgely, MD.  She would love to hear from you! 

Her email is and you may reach her at the monastery, 302-414-8076.

Seeking God as a Benedictine Oblate

If you have a desire to seek God through prayer and community, please join us at 1 pm on August 19th at St. Gertrude Monastery (25 Gender Road, Newark DE 19713) to learn about the Oblates of St. Benedict and who we are.

On that day you will meet the Oblate Director and Dean, as well as some current oblate members, tour the monastery, learn what it means to be an oblate and begin a discussion about the Rule of St. Benedict.

If you are interested in learning more about Benedictine Oblates, please RSVP via phone or email to Sr. Marylou Robino, OSB (phone: 302-416-0459 email: by Saturday, August 12. 


What are oblates?  What do they do?


Oblates are any interested lay or cleric, single or married, male or female adult who wishes to follow certain religious views, or in our case the Rule of St. Benedict, as their state in life permits. 

Many oblates are Catholic as well as Episcopalian, Methodist, Lutheran, etc.  Oblates are not just affiliated in this monastery but in many other monasteries and abbies all over the world.   

If you are considering joining an oblate group, please join us on one of our Oblate gatherings, usually on the second Saturday of the month in Ridgely, MD.  You'll be welcome and can meet our current oblates, novices, and inquirers as well as some of the Benedictine Sisters. 

You can reach out to Sr. MaryLou, O.S.B. or Sr. Mary DiMeglio, O.S.B. Directresses at 302-414-8076 or Cyndy Ingram, Obl. O.S.B. at 410-924-0993 if you have any questions!


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