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Newark Oblate Group

As our community has settled into our new home in Newark, we are now accepting inquiries from those in the area who may wish to join us as Oblates.  While continuing to work closely with our established Oblate group at St. Benedict Deanery in Ridgely, MD, we are looking forward to engaging interested women and men who may be interested in following our Benedictine way of life.  Contact Sr. MaryLou Robino at St. Gertrude Monastery for more information.

Newark Oblate inquirers will meet with current Oblates once a month at the monastery for prayer, community and study / Oblate Formation (see calendar below for subjects).  Join us!

Oblate Calendar

Sept 7

Seeking GOD


Catherine Maguire, Obl.OSB



Oct 5

No Meeting



Nov 9

On  Holiness and Being an Oblate of St. Benedict



The Rule

Sr. Mary Lou Robino



Dec 7

Liturgy of the Hours

Anne Sanders, Obl.OSB



Jan 4


Kathy Pennington-Smith, Obl.OSB


Feb 1


Bob Jacobs, Obl.OSB



Mar 7


Barbara Ryan, Obl.OSB




Apr 4

150th Anniversary of

St. Gertrude Monastery




May 9

Day of Reflection


Mary, Mother

and Friend


Linda Mastro



June, July and August

No Meetings


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