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Oblate Calendar

2019 - 2020
Sept 14

Day of Reflection Future of Oblates

Sr. Andrea Westkamp, OSB



Oct 12

Visio Divina

Kathy Penniston-Smith, Obl.OSB



Nov 2

St. Benedict's Toolbox Ch.1&2


Dick Palazzolo, Obl.OSB



Dec 14


Jan 11

St. Benedict's Toolbox Ch. 3&4


Carmen Nieves,


Feb 8

St. Benedict's Toolbox, Ch. 5&6

Mary Ann Palmer, Obl.OSB



Mar 14

St. Benedict's Toolbox, Ch. 7&8

Barbara Ryan,

Obl. OSB




Apr 4

St. Benedict's Toolbox, Ch. 9&10

Flo Petroski,

Obl. OSB



May 9

Day of Reflection Mary, Mother

and Friend


Linda Mastro



June, July and August

No Meetings


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